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Measuring Up As Men: Mobilizing To End Child Marriage In Kenya


Follow Wanjala Wafula, a women’s rights activist from Kenya, in his day-to-day work to convince men that ending child marriage is not just a necessity: it is their responsibility. The film explores the complex factors that perpetuate child marriage and how men can take a more active role in upholding the rights of girls.

Based in Kenya, the Coexist Initiative is a not-for-profit synergy of men and boys and community-based organisations with a commitment to eliminate all forms of gender based violence, foster HIV prevention and AIDS management and enhance the respect of the human rights of women and girls.

While making a film about Girls Not Brides for the Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship (, we spent a day documenting the work of one of Girls Not Brides’ member organisations: Coexist Initiative in Kenya. We found Wanjala Wafula’s work so compelling we made this film to highlight the importance of men working with men to achieve equal rights for women and girls, and help end child marriage.


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