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Women And Girls


Around the world, girls and women continue to suffer from a lack of economic opportunity, inadequate health care and education, early marriage, sexual violence, and discrimination.

The good news is that empowering girls and women yields undeniable returns — for everyone in the community.
By focusing on girls and women, innovative businesses and organizations can spur economic progress, expand markets, and improve health and education outcomes for everyone.


Apr 27 - May 3, 2015
May 12 - 18, 2014
Apr 21 - 27, 2014
Apr 14 - 20, 2014
Mar 24 - 30, 2014

“In the U.N. they don't like to deal with sensitive issues ... but the U.N. provides a forum which allows for dialog and debate and [coming] to agreement in the end on these many difficult issues.”

Nafis Sadik

Mar 17 - 23, 2014
Jan 13 - 19, 2014

“Two thirds of all deaths before the age of 65 are totally preventable if people have knowledge, access to medical care and the financial means to invest in their own health.”

Jimmy Carter


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