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Today, technology is the social catalyst empowering communities in all corners of the globe to improve their lives and shape their collective future.

Modern technology is opening floodgates of information and influence historically reserved only for those in power. It not only helps to uncover the way to tackle a big issue, technology also helps to stimulate the most elusive and most needed breakthrough of all: the will to act in our collective self-interest.
What are the implications for change in democracies, authoritarian societies and developing countries as the international blogosphere, censorship, and citizen engagement takes on new meaning and shape?


Sep 14 - 20, 2015
Sep 7 - 13, 2015
Jul 20 - 26, 2015

“The key opportunity for the bottom billion is not that these people are consumers, it's that they're producers! Astoundingly unproductive producers ... and that's the opportunity and the challenge.”

Paul Collier

May 11 - 17, 2015
May 4 - 10, 2015
Apr 20 - 26, 2015
Apr 13 - 19, 2015

“We're now in probably the biggest inflection point in history.”

Salman Khan


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