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Horizontal Media: The New Influencers

Horizontal Media: The New Influencers

Thu, March 29, 2012; 14:00 - 15:30

Location: Seminar Room A
SoLoMo, or so what? We look at how social, local and mobile is – and is not – changing media. What will citizen journalists do next? Must you think local to be global? Is mobile the only way to reach, and change the minds, of millions? We will discuss how the news – public and private, formal and informal, in the west and the east – is bending to the systems that deliver it, as well as how it is resisting change. With “Horizontal Media”, we all contribute to as well as digest the news, choosing when, how and with whom to share it. Does this mash-up of referrals and reportage herald a fresh world-affecting era? Or something else altogether?



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