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Delegate-Led Sesssions (part 2)

Delegate-Led Sesssions (part 2)

Fri, March 30, 2012; 13:30 - 14:45

With such a rich pool of delegates attending the forum, many have often commented that some of the best knowledge is “in the room”. With that in mind, new for this year is a series of delegate-led sessions that cover a range of topics from leading experts that are attending the Skoll World Forum. Held at the Exam Schools these sessions range from engaging celebrities to Micro-franchising and more. Contributors will start conversations, but be prepared to join the discussion.

Session Options (Friday 13:30-14:45)

Will Conscious Consumers Save the World?
Location: Exam Schools (Room East A)
Consumers are consciously voting with their money for a better world. Share your stories on how the rise of organic, Fair Trade, sustainable, local and other values-based consumer behaviour is changing the way companies source and produce.
Session contributor:  Paul Rice, CEO, Fair Trade USA

Micro Franchising: The Next Big Small Thing?
Location: Exam Schools (Room East B)
Franchising can drive up buying power, earnings and impact for micro-enterprises. It increases profits and lowers risks for both borrowers and lenders. Is it the next big thing in micro finance? Or is there more hype than hope?
Session contributor: Charles Slaughter, President, Living Goods

Ending the Cycle of Famine in Africa
Location: Exam Schools (Room South C)
Through sustained investments in agriculture development, Africa could fully feed itself within a generation.  Explore what types of innovation, partnerships, and resources could bring about lasting food security in Africa.
Session contributor: Tony Kalm, Managing Director, One Acre Fund USA

Creating a Marketplace for Global Education
Location: Exam Schools (Room South D)
An in-depth conversation about how student microloans in developing countries can have an economic, social, and emotional impact on individuals and communities at the BOP, based on findings from two years of Vittana’s programmes worldwide.
Session contributor: Kushal Chakrabarti, CEO, Vittana

Popular Entertainment as a Tool for Social Change
Location: Exam Schools (Room South E)
Join us for a lively discussion about how various forms of pop culture media including soap operas, documentary films, music videos and theatrical releases have profound impact on the attitudes and behaviours of populations.
Session contributor:  John Marks, President, Search for Common Ground

Open Data Systems and Democratisation
Location: Exam Schools (Room North F)
Open information and data systems fundamentally change how governance works. We are starting to see the democratisation of tools and data that were previously only accessible to few people. Will it lead to better governance? Come ready to discuss!
Session contributor: Thomas Bjelkeman-Pettersson, Co-Founder and Co-Director, Akvo Foundation

The Revolution in Off-Grid Clean Energy
Location: Exam Schools (Room North G)
Come learn about the latest startups, technologies and business models redefining the way people access energy in the off-grid world. We will also discuss the best opportunities for investment in this exciting and sometimes confusing space.
Session contributor:  Xavier Helgesen, CEO, Off.Grid:Electric

Bridging the “Cultures” of Business and Civil Society
Location: Exam Schools (Room North H)
Join us to examine how differences in language, assumptions, values and metrics complicate joint action between private sector and civil society actors. We will explore strategies to bridge this divide to create more effective social change.
Session contributor:  Lori Heise, Chief Executive, STRIVE and Senior Researcher, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine


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