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Delegate-Led Sessions (part 1)

Delegate-Led Sessions (part 1)

Fri, March 30, 2012; 11:15 - 12:30

With such a rich pool of delegates attending the forum, many have often commented that some of the best knowledge is “in the room”. With that in mind, new for this year is a series of delegate-led sessions that cover a range of topics from leading experts that are attending the Skoll World Forum. Held at the Exam Schools these sessions range from engaging celebrities to Micro-franchising and more. Contributors will start conversations, but be prepared to join the discussion.

Session Options (Friday 11:15-12:30)

Local Voices, Global Change: Media for Development
Location: Exam Schools (Room East A)
Examine how locally produced, citizen-driven media and information can spur progress in global health, humanitarian relief and good governance, and be used as a powerful tool to advance development goals and build healthier societies.
Session contributor: Jeanne Bourgault, President, Internews

How to Get Almost Anything for Free
Location: Exam Schools (Room East B)
World Toilet Organization started on a shoe-string. Because of its modest start, it leveraged community resources, starting a movement that broke the taboo on toilets by inspiring others to support the common mission. You can do it too!
Session contributor: Jack Sim, Founder, World Toilet Organization

Working with Local Entrepreneurs to Maximise Impact
Location: Exam Schools (Room South C)
In the developing world, 86% of jobs are created by local small and medium sized enterprises. How can social entrepreneurs and international organisations partner with local business to maximize the social and economic impact of their work?
Session contributor:  Scott Gillmore, CEO, Peace Dividend Trust

Social Media for Social Good
Location: Exam Schools (Room South D)
Come discuss and share how social media can be best used to empower social entrepreneurship through best practices.
Session contributor:  Hiroyasu Ichikawa, CEO, SocialCompany

Youth Employment: Tackling the Challenges Together
Location: Exam Schools (Room South E)
With 24% of youth worldwide unemployed, we will explore how all actors can consider the desires and voices of children and youth in facing this alarming challenge, and how we can work together to build a positive response and optimistic future.
Session contributor: Sebastien Marot, Founder and Executive Director, Friends-International

How to Engage Entertainment Industry Resources
Location: Exam Schools (Room North F)
Ever wonder how celebrities choose a cause? Why not yours? Learn how to evaluate your assets to create mutually beneficial opportunities for engagement with the entertainment industry to increase awareness and potentially elevate global impact.
Session contributor: Rene Jones, President, UTA Foundation

Water Supply and Sanitation in Rural Areas
Location: Exam Schools (Room North G)
Unless 100% of the families in a habitation use toilets, drinking water is exposed to contamination. We will discuss this issue as well as other examples of the importance of water and sanitation for rural populations.
Session contributor:  Joe Madiath, Founder and Executive Director, Gram Vikas

Jack-of-All-Trades, Master of None: A New Type of Leader
Location: Exam Schools (Room North H)
Many social change efforts fail because leaders cannot communicate across sectors. Join us to discuss real world case studies featuring stories of leaders challenged to communicate across today’s connected global ecosystem.
Session contributor: Rich Tafel, Founder, Public Squared


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