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Connect & Collaborate Sessions (Repeated)

Connect & Collaborate Sessions (Repeated)

Fri, March 30, 2012; 11:15 - 12:30

Back again for 2012 we present our “Connect and Collaborate” sessions held at the Exam Schools in Oxford. These are facilitated conversations designed for small group learning, engagement and networking. Contributors will start conversations, but be prepared to join the discussion.

Note: These sessions are a repeat of the earlier connect and collaborate sessions held between 11:15 – 12:30 at the exam schools

Session Options (Friday 1:30-2:45)

Frugal Innovation :
Location: Exam Schools (Room 6)
Smaller, cheaper, faster and better? Join us to discuss how the needs of emerging market customers are put squarely in the centre to develop innovative new products and services. Proven practitioners of this approach will kick-start the discussion by highlighting how they went about designing, marketing and disseminating their innovations.
Session contributors: James KochLesley SilverthornShona McDonaldMarc KoskaNaganand Murty, Yusuf Randera-Rees

Branding: More than a Logo – A Tool for Social Change :
Location: Exam Schools (Room 7)
Is your brand helping to achieve your goals? Is it clear and memorable? Does it differentiate you? Are you promoting it? Monitoring it? Does it authentically align with what you do? In this fun, practical, jargon-free and interactive session we will walk you step-by-step through the stages to (re)-defining, activating and monitoring your brand via case studies, new research and peer-review.
Session contributors: Lisa WitterAlison Lucas

Organising Nonprofit Operations in Multiple Countries :
Location: Exam Schools (Room 8 )
Funders regularly encourage non-profits to increase scale across borders.  International expansion generates, though, a new level of financial, administrative, and operational complexities—and the overheads associated with them.  How are successful non-profits addressing these challenges and paying for them?  Operations expert David Torres will discuss successes, failures and challenges.
Session contributors: Ed DienerDavid Torres

Communities of Faith as Communities of Action :
Location: Exam Schools (Room 9)
Communities of faith are key actors in international development as religion often provides a moral framework that encourages concern for the vulnerable. What are some of the best examples of engaging faith communities and how can we leverage the values of service, sacrifice, and compassion to partner with them?
Session contributors: Christo Greyling

Managing Risk in a Warming World :
Location: Exam Schools (Room 10)
Many of the world’s poorest remain mired in poverty due to their vulnerability to natural shocks. Microinsurance is emerging as a promising tool to help the poor hedge against these risks. Join a lively discussion on its virtues and pitfalls as we focus on the role of public-private partnerships and emerging climate finance mechanisms to help those most in need.
Session contributors: Pablo Suarez

The Rise Of The 99% – Why? Who? And So What? :
Location: Exam Schools (Room 11)
A singular event — January 2011 in Tunisia — ignited a year of protests around the world. Claiming the streets, millions of ordinary citizens stepped out in solidarity to send an extraordinary message: We Want Change Now. Join a global and diverse delegate group to learn and share your perspectives on this phenomena and how it has changed our future forever.
Session contributors: Lakshmi Karan

Inspired by Faith: Wrestling with your Calling :
Location: Exam Schools (Room 14)
Many social entrepreneurs feel inspired by faith to serve, yet they grapple with that calling as their courage and resilience are tested again and again. Join Matt Flannery (Kiva), Bart Weetjens (APOPO), and others to discuss how people of diverse beliefs cope with, and grow positively from, the spiritual wrestling match that is a common aspect of the social entrepreneurial journey.
Session contributors: Alex Hofmann

Empathy: How to Lead in an Everyone a Changemaker™ World :
Location: Exam Schools (Room 15)
How can today’s leaders keep up with and contribute to positive social change in a rapidly evolving world? Join Bill Drayton, CEO and Founder of Ashoka: Innovators for the Public and Mary Gordon, Founder of Roots of Empathy and Ashoka Fellow, to discuss empathy as a critical leadership skill.
Session contributors: William DraytonMary Gordon



Articles 1

Written by Lisa Witter:

Lisa Witter

Partner and Chief Change Officer

David Torres

Special Advisor to President & CEO

Articles 1

Written by Lesley Silverthorn:

Lesley Silverthorn

Co-Founder and CEO
Angaza Design Inc.

Naganand Murty

Co-Founder and President, Technologies

Alison Lucas

Director of London

Christo Greyling

Director, HIV and Infectious Diseases
World Vision International

Mary Gordon

Founder and President
Roots of Empathy

James Koch

Executive Director
Global Social Benefit Incubator

Lakshmi Karan

Director, Global Strategy
Riders For Health


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