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Hybrid And For-Profit Business Models

Hybrid And For-Profit Business Models


Hybrid And For-Profit Business Models


Thu, March 27, 2008; 10:00 - 12:00

Non-profit social entrepreneurs often struggle to scale up their innovations without adequate access to the growth capital, distribution systems and infrastructure readily available to conventional businesses. Rather than accepting these limitations, many are increasingly pursuing hybrid models that draw from the best of both worlds, incorporating traditional business structures and strategies to achieve a social bottom line. This session will look at the challenges and opportunities that accompany these new business models, including an overview of different approaches and in-depth discussion with social entrepreneurs at the forefront of this movement.



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Featuring Baafour Otu-Boateng:

Baafour Otu-Boateng

Skoll Centre Associate Fellow

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Featuring David Brancaccio:

David Brancaccio

Host/Senior Editor at NOW

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Priya Haji

CEO & Co-Founder

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Featuring Tralance Addy:

Tralance Addy

President and CEO
WaterHealth International


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