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How do I get an invitation to the Forum?

Although the Skoll World Forum is an invite-only event, this year we are allocating a small number of spaces to be provided to individuals outside of this year’s guest list. Interested individuals are asked to participate in a simple application process. The application process is broken into TWO (2) ROUNDS and at the end, TEN (10) individuals will be awarded the opportunity to attend the 2015 Skoll World Forum on Social Entrepreneurship. Click here to apply.

In addition, there are several opportunities to attend Forum public-access events. Starting in February 2015 tickets will go on sale to the three plenary sessions at the New Theatre in downtown Oxford. Several social entrepreneurship-oriented organizations use the Forum timeframe to schedule conferences simultaneously in Oxford. hosts live streaming during the event. Video from sessions will be made available to the public in the days immediately following the Forum. Please check back on the video page for the latest videos as they become available.

What are the dates for the Forum?

The 2016 Skoll World Forum is currently scheduled for April 13-15.

When are videos from 2015 sessions being made available to the public?

Our online forum,, videos from sessions will be made available to the public in the days immediately following the Forum. Please check back on the homepage for the latest videos as they become available, alternatively you can also visit us on our YouTube page.

If I can’t attend the Forum, how else can I be involved?

We welcome you to participate in discussions held on throughout the year, check out our Debates & Series section, and watch videos of forum sessions live and afterward online. You can also follow us @SkollWorldForum on Twitter.

What is the attendance fee?

The attendance fee for the 2015 Skoll World Forum ranges from $500 to $2850 USD, plus 20% VAT. The attendance fee is determined by the sector in which the delegate works. There is no ‘early bird’ registration. Please click here for specific pricing tiers.

What is VAT and why is it being added to my fee?

Valued-Added Tax or VAT is a form of consumption tax. Per the UK government, because the event takes place in England, we are required to charge 20% VAT for each registration purchased for the Forum. Some delegates may be eligible to obtain a refund of this VAT from the UK government by submitting a valid claim within the statutory deadline.

Can I suggest someone to take my place at the Forum?

While the invitation is specific to each person, we will take recommendations on a case by case basis. Please send your suggestion to

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellation refunds will be made (less a $50 administration fee) on requests received on or before Friday, March 20, 2015. Due to the nature of our merchant account, any refunds requested more than 60 days after you register for the Forum must be processed via a Paypal online money transfer and will also be subject to Paypal’s online money transfer fees. Please note that refunds will not be available after March 20, 2015.

How can I participate in communicating about the Forum before, during and after the event?

Our online community is up and running year-round! You can follow @SkollFoundation and @SkollWorldForum on Twitter and view photos on Flickr. You can tag your own Skoll World Forum blog entries and Flickr photos with skollwf and Tweets with #skollwf. The @SkollWorldForum Twitter feed will be used for live updates around activities at the Forum.

Can I bring a personal guest to any of the Forum sessions?

Each invitation is specific for each person. Personal guests are not permitted to attend Skoll World Forum activities at Saïd Business School. Activities held at New Theatre, however, are open to the public and tickets will be sold closer to the event.

How can I offset my carbon emissions to the Forum?

If you wish to offset your carbon emissions, ClimateCare is a service that can help individuals and organizations to calculate their carbon offset and make contributions to stem the effects of climate change.

The Skoll Foundation offsets calculated carbon emissions for our staff on a regular basis.

In addition, to minimize the footprint of the Skoll World Forum, we have taken great care to ensure that the entire event prioritizes sustainable practices. Therefore, each and every product you see at the Forum, from the signage, production sets and furniture have been made using local, sustainable products and reused where possible from prior years. In addition, meals include fair trade products and local produce.

For any additional questions, whom can I contact?

For questions related to registration please email our Registration Manager at

For Media Inquiries please email Suzana Grego at

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Try our Event Support topic in the delegates-only Conversations section.


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