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Up for Debate: What Role Does the Media Play in Accelerating Social Progress?

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This month, 8 feature length films and 30 short films were created by award-winning film makers for the "Why Poverty?" global media event in order to spark dialogue and debate about poverty worldwide. They will air throughout November via more than 70 national broadcasters reaching 500 million people. For example, one such feature film is titled Rafea: Solar Mama, which spotlights the work of Barefoot College in India as they train impoverished women from around the world to become solar engineers. In concert with this event, we asked some of the world's leading media authorities--Gates Foundation, Participant Media, MTV International, WITNESS, Search for Common Ground, and the African Media Initiative--if and how the media can accelerate social progress around the world.

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Up for Debate: What Role Does the Media Play in Accelerating Social Progress?
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