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A Special Series on Entrepreneurial Solutions to Climate Change

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In advance of the 2014 UN Climate Summit to be held in September, we asked some of the world’s leading social entrepreneurs and innovators to share with us their perspectives, insights and solutions on how best to tackle, in a catalytic way, the many challenges associated with climate change. Participating organizations in this discussion include Forest Trends, Friends of the Earth Middle East, Independent Diplomat, Global Witness, Healthcare Without Harm, Root Capital and Skoll Global Threats Fund. Stay tuned for updates!

A Special Series on Entrepreneurial Solutions to Climate Change
The ‘Distant Here’ and the ‘Future Now’ of the Climate Crisis
Coffee: The Canary in the Coalmine for Climate Change
The Case for Health Care to Transition Away from Fossil Fuels
Low-Hanging Fruit In the Race to Slow Climate Change
Climate Change as a Catalyst for Instability and Conflict: The Need for a Water-Energy Nexus in the Middle East
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