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Responses to Metrics 3.0: A New Vision for Shared Metrics

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In a recent issue of the Stanford Social Innovation Review, Mike McCreless et al. proposed a new approach to measuring social impact – Metrics 3.0: A New Vision for Shared Metrics. This new approach seeks to build on the progress made in using metrics for accountability and standardization. McCreless et al. argue that the next step is to integrate impact, financial and operational metrics, and to shift towards evaluations that are targeted, actionable, broadly useful and that serve collective learning. In this Skoll World Forum series, co-edited by Mike McCreless, a range of different experts present their responses to the Metrics 3.0 vision.

Responses to Metrics 3.0: A New Vision for Shared Metrics
Feedback is Insistent: Essential and Useable Metrics
How Collaborating on Impact Evaluation Helps Ecosystems
Decision Data: Metrics Must Lead to Action
Six Tips on Using Metrics to Align Mission with Financial Performance
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