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Read the best of the blogs for analysis and insights direct from Forum 2010 sessions and encounters. For the full perspectives and analysis on Forum sessions from our team of bloggers, visit Social Edge, the global online community for social entrepreneurs.

Voices From the Skoll World Forum Opening Plenary
The opening plenary at the Skoll World Forum had numerous themes and twitter-perfect quotes, but to me one of the most important threads that ran through the evening was the importance of giving individuals a voice to help themselves out of conflict, abject poverty, and the effects of natural disaster. More.

Skoll World Forum 2010 Opening Plenary: Imperfect Translations, Empowerment, and Shopping-Lists
Moments ago, I was one of several hundred delegates streaming out of the Sheldonian Theatre at Oxford University. We had just experienced the opening plenary of the Skoll World Forum 2010. More.

To watch the Opening Plenary, click here.
To listen to the Opening Plenary, click here.

Let’s be honest with the world about our social enterprise successes and failures
When people come from overseas to study UK social enterprise, they often get an airbrushed account that will not help them develop a strategy when they get back home. More.

Live from Skoll: 3 Tech Trends for Social Entrepreneurs
I’m here at the 2010 Skoll World Forum thanks to Silicon Valley – Jeff Skoll, eBay’s first employee and president, rode the .com boom to riches and then decided to give a lot of his money away on projects like this blog and the foundation that runs it. More.

Peter Gleick on the human right to water (part 1)
We have the impression that we’ll never run out of water, but that simply isn’t true — like oil, water can be over-pumped and its supply can peak, bringing us to a point where the next gallon of water will cause more harm than good. More.

To listen to Water Scarcity and the Human Right to Water, click here.

Q&A with Peter Gleick: how to be more water efficient (part 2)
I’m a big believer that we have to deal with population, and we don’t talk about it enough. But I also believe that, no matter what the population is, we have a responsibility to meet basic human needs for water. More.

Navigating the Future – Scenario Planning
Rafael Ramírez, James Martin Senior Research Fellow in Futures at University of Oxford, led a workshop-style session to challenge us to imagine what the SWFwould look like in 2030 if three different scenarios existed. More.

To listen to Navigating the Future – Scenario Planning, click here.

Five Quick Reflections from the Skoll World Forum Two words now occur to me that do sum up my own impressions of the conference–HOPE and AWE. These two relate to my five strongest memories from the conference, which I would like to share. More.

How to Build a ‘Fierce, Wild, Unstoppable Movement and Community’
A common theme through some of the amazing sessions at SWF ’10 has been the power of art and expression, and this session demonstrated that in spades. After Eve Ensler, who unfortunately was not able to make the session, wrote the Vagina Monologues, it empowered women all around the world to speak openly about sexuality. More.

To listen to How to Build a ‘Fierce, Wild, Unstoppable Movement and Community’, click here.

When Disaster Strikes
“One of the great challenges is need for speed and need for empathy.” This statement by Craig Kielburger of Free the Children is about balancing the necessity and urgency of disaster relief with the vital importance of keeping local sensitivities and expertise in mind. More.

To listen to When Disaster Strikes: Social Entrepreneurs Managing Through Crisis, click here.

Aid Agencies and Social Entrepreneurs: Natural Allies, New Bridges
Today’s session was structured to help us gain a better understanding of how traditional development agencies are intersecting with new emerging forms of social entrepreneurship. Panellists came from the IFC, DFID, the US Office of the Secretary of State and GTZ. More.

To listen to Aid Agencies and Social Entrepreneurs, click here.

Beyond the Single Bottom Line: Pioneers in Blended Value
Entering the jam-packed Rhodes Trust Lecture Theatre, I wasn’t sure what to expect from a topic that is over-discussed and under-substance. My main motivation this morning was to meet Jeff Mendelsohn, Founder of New Leaf Paper (a case which 100 of us MBAs learnt by hard for an assignment in Strategy II). What turned out, however, was the best panel I have ever attended. More.

To listen to Beyond the Single Bottom Line, click here.

Climate change, Societal Demand and Food Security
Mark Lynas, author of “Six Degrees: Our Future on a Hotter Planet” and many other publications on climate change, ignites the discussion around climate change and humanity needs from an holistic point of view. Earth is a system and as a whole is affected by human activities. More.

To listen to Climate Change, Societal Demand and Food Security, click here.

Three Ways Social Media are Changing Activism
Two sessions I’ve been attending at the Skoll World Forum today have been discussing new ways that activists and social entrepreneurs are collaborating to achieve greater impact in the world. More.

Greening Hope
Environmentalist Paul Hawken, the author of Blessed Unrest, urged fellow social entrepreneurs and green activists attending the Skoll World Forum in Oxford “not to despair” — despite many challenges and barriers to building a more eco-friendly society. More.

To watch Paul Hawken speak at the Skoll Awards for Social Entrepreneurship, click here.
To listen to the Skoll Awards for Social Entrepreneurship, click here.

Humbled by Volcanic Ash and Great Brilliance
The prospect of volcanic ash from Iceland raining down on Skoll World Forum delegates, grounding them in the City of Dreaming Spires, as they share with one another their lessons learned from years of trying to change the world is beyond poetic. It serves as an awesome reminder of the power that Earth wields on the movements of people. More.

Skoll’s Message So Far? Think Even Bigger
A couple weeks ago, I pondered what the tone of the Skoll World Forum would be this year, and particularly, what people thought would be the “next big thing” for the field. About half way through the Forum, the answer — at least from the organizers — is a resounding “think even bigger.” More.

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