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Live from Skoll World Forum 2015

With so much going on at the 2015 Skoll World Forum, it's impossible to participate in everything. Our bloggers are sitting in on many of the exciting sessions at this year's event. Read their concise notes and observations to catch up on important discussions you may have missed.


FORUM2015: How Meditation Can Help Us Find Inner Peace

FORUM2015: How Meditation Can Help Us Find Inner Peace

April 15, 2015 | 3956 views

WED, APRIL 15, 2015; 13:30 – 14:45

Many people go through hard times and experience anger, anxiety, and potentially even depression at certain points in their lives. Facilitator Barry Kerzin, a doctor turned Buddhist monk who founded the Altruism in Medicine Institute, believes that identifying these issues early and using inward-looking practices like meditation help us worry less about the future and focus on the present moment.

Barry brought up the interesting point that in this current technology-driven era, people are used to instant gratification but also are subject to the often high-stress lifestyles that accompany increased connectivity. Fixing issues like guilt (a concept that is nonexistent in Buddhism) or regret take time and a commitment to meditation to ultimately overcome. By achieving inner peace and equanimity in the face of the ups and downs of life through these practices, we can achieve a far greater sense of freedom.

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Additionally, the point was brought up that while high self-directed standards brought us to where we are in life, some of us find our expectations are set so high that we’re doomed to failure, and that slightly reducing expectations can improve our quality of life. This was a harder point for some in the high-achieving audience to grasp, but clearly something to consider as we live our lives.

After a brief meditation session, the session ended on the positive note that inward-looking practices can help us “cope, thrive, and soar.”


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