Exciting news from Girls Not Brides,  following Girls Not Brides member Plan Belgium’s advocacy efforts and campaign to end child marriage which launched in October 2014:

“The Belgian Parliament unanimously adopted a resolution calling for more efforts to help end child, early, and forced marriage.
The resolution calls on the Belgian government to address child marriage as part of its development and cooperation policy. With 7* out of 18 official partner countries with prevalence rates higher than 30%, Belgium needed a strong commitment to address child, early and forced marriage. Belgium is about to renew its cooperation agreement with Niger, the country with the highest percentage of child marriages.” * These countries are: Niger, Mali, Mozambique, Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania and Benin.

Read more: http://www.girlsnotbrides.org/belgium-urged-prioritise-child-marriage-development-cooperation-policy/