Over the years, Skoll Awardees have shared some valuable lessons. In this first blog in a series, we’ll feature some of them. While the below topics are quite different, they are all addressing fundamental issues to solve a societal problem.

Today, we’ll hear from Ellen Moir of New Teacher Center, on how teacher roles must evolve; Jordan Kassalow of VisionSpring on how to build partnerships; and Dan Viederman of Verite on ways to solve modern-day slavery.

  • Tip Number One, from Ellen: Shift to a more personalized style of learning. “A teacher’s role must evolve to include being a continuous learner – someone who is curious, persistent and reflective. These are the three dispositions of highly effective teachers.” Read more from Ellen.
  • Tip Number Two, from Jordan: Find synergies between your nonprofit and a large company, and connect the dots. “Millions can’t see their cell phones without eyeglasses.  At Davos, I spoke with Ajay Banga, the President and CEO of MasterCard.  Although he never thought of this problem, it made immediate sense given that he relied on his eyeglasses to see his phone.  Given the future of mobile money to his business, he was intrigued and loved the idea of coupling the sale of phones with eyeglasses.”  Read more about partnerships from Jordan.
  • Tip number three, from Dan: When stopping modern-day slavery, start with the basics. “Identify where migrants are working, how they got there and what conditions they face: what recruitment agents were used? How much debt are they carrying? Were government officials bribed to facilitate their migration? Do they have access to their passports?” Read three more tips from Dan.

Find lots more lessons from social entrepreneurs: www.skollworldforum.org