As part of the Skoll World Forum’s ongoing merge with Social Edge, we will be migrating and re-naming some of our accounts on Twitter. Please read below for more information and how it may affect you as a user.


As previously reported, Social Edge is merging with Skoll World Forum into one year-round content platform to bring you the most relevant news, insight, and opportunities to accelerate entrepreneurial approaches and innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing social issues.

Twitter has long been our primary social media voice where you can follow the latest announcements from the Skoll World Forum and we are fortunate to have amassed over 400,000 active followers during our time! As a result, in keeping with the merge of these two offerings, the current @SocialEdge handle will be renamed to become @SkollWorldForum, and the primary voice on twitter for all things content. @SkollWorldForum will be renamed to @Skollwf and will only be used for event-specific announcements during our Oxford event.

What Do I Need To Do As A User?

  • If you are a current follower of @SocialEdge – You don’t need to do anything! We will be renamed SkollWorldForum in the coming weeks and you will continue to receive all the latest news through Twitter just as you always have.
  • If you are a current follower of @SkollWorldForum – We encourage you to follow @socialedge up until November 12th. After which you will start to receive all the latest insights and content from the new year-round Skoll World Forum. If you choose not to do anything, you will simply receive event-related tweets during our 2013 event.

Thanks for all your ongoing support and we look forward to hearing from the community when we launch!


Skoll World Forum Team