May 15, 2012 – Palo Alto – The Skoll Foundation today announced the merging of Social Edge and Skoll World Forum into a new year-round platform, Skoll World Forum Online.

In the last decade the Social Edge Community and its social entrepreneurs have together built a rich and trusted online community dedicated to changing business as usual. Their discussions around promising solutions, barriers to change, scale, metrics, and more, have contributed indelible value to the evolving social sector.

The Skoll World Forum on Social Entrepreneurship, a program of the Skoll Foundation, has evolved too. It is now the premiere international platform for social entrepreneurship; we just convened our 9th annual event. And we couldn’t be prouder that both Social Edge and the Forum continue to attract the best and the brightest thinkers and doers committed to global social change.

Today, we are particularly excited to announce that we will now be combining these two powerful communities to create something new – Skoll World Forum Online: a year-round digital platform centered on content, community, and collaboration.

The Skoll Foundation, since 1999, has invested, connected and celebrated the world’s leading social entrepreneurs. Our aim is to amplify progress and scale impact. Over the years, the needs of these social entrepreneurs—and indeed the Social Edge community—have expanded, and the demands for more cross-sector dialogue, exchange and collaboration across sectors and geographies have become clear. Skoll World Forum Online hopes to address these gaps in knowledge and connection by offering an even more robust experience of content and community.

Skoll World Forum Online will advance critical, cross-sector conversations, curate insightful and inspiring content, elevate the reach and scope of our audience worldwide, and deploy community-minded features to encourage connection and collaboration. We would like to express our deep gratitude to Victor d’Allant and Jason Clark for their work and stewardship, in building Social Edge into a meaningful voice for social entrepreneurship.

Now, onward!

Thank you for your support,
Sally Osberg