d.light is an electronics company among other things, and we build solar rechargeable products.  i’m quite fond of telling employees that we are not that different from our products.  we should be charged daily, and we should make sure not to get deep discharge our batteries.  if we do — and its not uncommon for entrepreneurs – then we need to have a long slow recharge.

I luckily did not get burnt out over the last 5 years — but i’ve certainly come close on numerous occasions.  The constant fire fighting, team building, and challenges of trying to build a global and scalable business certainly take their tole.  Thats why i could not have been happier when our new CEO suggested that Ned and I both plan to take a few weeks off, to unplug from work completely, and recharge our batteries.

I didn’t argue – and this summer I’m finally taking off…..

C U in a few weeks – re-energized!