A recent picture of President Clinton with our newest launch – the d.light S1 in Haiti.


Also – just because I can’t help it – some great pictures of our d.light S1 around the world.

1)  Me hiking with it on the outter islands of Hong Kong – I gave it a rigourous test in sand, surf, and sun.  


2) A great picture of a former d.light fellow, Anay Shah, who is now going to get his MBA, and took the d.light S1 to Anapurna in Nepal!

 d.light S1 in the Himalayas_2.JPG.jpeg

3) And finally a link to a nice posting about a new game created in East Timor – called SPOT LIGHT – which plays off a driving game i also knew called Punch Buggy.  The difference being that in SPOT LIGHT instead of looking for VW cars, the idea is to see who can first spot a d.light product charging in the sun.  I am definitely going to start taking fun pictures of our products as they pop out of the landscape: tech4dev.wordpress.com/2011/06/22/mak-nee-deit/

d.light S1 in the Himalayas.JPG.jpeg