I love this customer story that our India office shared with me recently:

Chaudhery Puran Singh is a farmer and cold storage manager in Uttar Pradesh. He purchased a d.light S200 in June 2009, and has used it ever since for his evening farming activities.

Wanting to take his d.light with him wherever he went, he fashioned a long strap and attached it to the solar light. He would then carry the S200 around his neck and shoulders while riding his motorcycle.

One night, while Mr. Singh was driving his motorcycle, the strap broke, which sent the S200 tumbling to the ground. Traveling at the speed of 60-70 km/hour, "the light would have tumbled at least 100 times on the road before it stopped," he reported to us. He was  afraid that he had lost the lantern for good. But, when he recovered it and tested it, the S200 still worked perfectly. Other than a few scratches on the product, it had survived the road accident completely intact.

"No one in the world can make such a strong light!" Mr. Singh told our India team.


While not exactly the kind of durability testing that we would typically recommend for our customers, we’re happy to have confirmation that our products can survive such a crash test!

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