We at Social Edge try not to brag too often about the work we are doing, as we are convinced that it is our community of social entrepreneurs who deserves all the glory, rather than the people who are simply facilitating their work.

But we are making an exception this week. Ret Boney, Deputy Editor of the Philanthropy Journal, recently wrote a series of features on "Technology: Grantmaking" and highlighted the work of two leaders in social media: the Knight Foundation and the Skoll Foundation.

You may want to read Skoll Foundation: Broadening the Impact, as it shows how valuable the work of Social Edge has been since it was launched by Jeff Skoll six years ago.

The article starts with a comment from John Piermont Montilla, a member of the Social Edge community, then quotes Executive Director Victor d’Allant and Web Marketing Manager Jill Finlayson (unfortunately, the third member of the Edgy Team, Jason Clark, was not able to attend the interview).

The final quote summarizes how much we care about the Social Edge community: "Social media can result in controversy, and that’s not all bad. We see that as a benefit," Victor d’Allant says. "If we can bring smart, intelligent people into the conversation, it can only be good."

Yes, it has been good.