Wonderful comment about Social Edge from community member John Piermont Montilla in the The Fetishization of Metrics discussion:

Social edge is an outstanding and unselfish online reference and knowledge sharing center I have ever encountered. It is part of my life as a social entrepreneur and changemaker. Everyday, I should not miss reviewing discussions and blogs and reflecting with other’s comments and knowledge sharing as well as updating my participation at the GSBI.

Social edge is my online text book and mentor as I spend almost 16-18 hours a day in my small non-profit office here in southern Philippines. In fact, when I got my brain drained and stressed with my work to the extent of having a burn-out, I just read articles at Social Edge.

It’s a relief at the same time increasing my understanding of the intricacies of being a social entrepreneur. My peers too are exposed to social edge but they need the understanding why they should learn.

Knowledge is free and connecting local knowledge to contribute to the global body of wisdom and greater principles of life is indeed a great service to humanity. Great job!

The Edgy Team is blushing!