We are usually quite shy at Social Edge about our accomplishments. We rarely mention our traffic numbers (booming!) or our ego-pleasing nominations, like the Webbies Honoree mention for Global X.

But we couldn’t help but blush when Social Edge was named one the Best Innovation Blogs (along with IDEO!) by Five for Friday, an informal roundup of some of the best things on the Web. These are the reason they chose us:

Thinking about starting your own NGO or jetting off to personally end
hunger? Read Social Edge first. […]

Social Edge furthers innovation among social entrepreneurs through its
collection of blogs, discussions, and resources dedicated to the “pioneers
of innovations that benefit humanity.” No matter what your plan to solve
the world’s problems, you’ll probably find a blog from someone who’s been
there before. […]

Though lots of members, like Kiva founder Matt Flannery, are well-known and successful, the site is intended to help social entrepreneurs share common experiences, positive or disastrous.


Thank you to our community that has been helping Social Edge become the practical, global network for social entrepreneurs.