In "Twitter-concise" language, here are 10 reasons to apply for the Global Social Benefit Incubator. For more information on the GSBI, you can read the full press release or find the copy in Spanish, Portuguese, and French in our press area.  

  • Reason # 10 to apply to #GSBI Scale your impact & change the world faster! What is your reason to apply? Let us know. 
  • Reason #9 to apply to #GSBI Special opp for orgs helping communities off the grid or suffering frequent disruptions in their energy supply 
  • Reason #8 to apply to #GSBI Be the next #Kiva. @mattflannery attended along w/other successful #SocEnt frm around world 
  • Reason #7 to apply to #GSBI Make trusted connections "I now work w/a GSBI participant I met there & have partnered w/another" Matt Flannery 
  • Reason #6 to apply to #GSBI @robertkatz & @fjnoguera @nextbillion think it’s a good idea 
  • Reason #5 to apply to #GSBI Mentoring by Silicon Valley veterans "help open doors for funding opps..& cont to be avail as a sounding board” 
  • Reason #4 to apply to #GSBI "Typically results in major "ah-ha" moments" "you don’t often get chance to step back, look strategically @ org" 
  • Reason #3 to apply to #GSBI It forces you "to step back & assess current market & competitive landscape.." Hardika Shah http://bit/ly/gsbi10 
  • Reason #2 to apply to #GSBI Application has "tremendous value" RT @socentex Global Opps for Active Social Entrepreneurs 
  • Reason #1 to apply to #GSBI Incubators are great! Business Week: "triple-bottom-line biz encounter unique challenges"

There are many more reasons to apply, but starting right now, you can get free feedback on your Value Proposition. The mentoring will help you explain "Why you" and distill your "mission essence" into a concise statement that will help people understand what you do and how your solution will change the world.

Don’t delay. The first deadline is January 15. Then you can get help with defining your target market and business model… and that’s just for entering. Can you imagine the value of being one of the 20 selected for a full scholarship to the incubator?!