As I mentioned in my last post, I have spent the few months on Twitter and have decided to continue my experiment. I intend to pop in here from time to time, but while I’m away I’d like to offer you an alternative voice to tell the Kiva’s unfolding story.

Kiva has been very fortunate to draw a diverse pool of volunteer Kiva Fellows who fulfill Kiva’s mission in places around the globe. Whether a language student with extensive experience living in the developing world, a young professional in the financial or technology sector, or a career changer with more experience but hoping to add that rare on-the-ground international work experience, these Kiva Fellows are inspiring social entrepreneurs in their own right.

I look forward to sharing their stories with you. Each week my colleague JD Bergeron, who directs the program, will share the thoughts of a different fellow.

As a good first start, please welcome Joel Carlman, who has been working in Kisumu, Kenya, with one of Kiva’s field partners there.