In my panel this morning at the Skoll World Forum, we are asked to comment on the tension between creativity and control. I talked about my work at WITNESS and 1Sky and the 7 key ingredients I have identified to ensuring a balance between creativity and control, and indeed the success of any organization, campaign, or project.

7 Keys to Success
1. Clear and compelling mission and vision
2. Strategic plan (vision without strategy is an hallucination, as someone once said)
3. A strong team of staff, board, and key advisors
4. A deep dedication to creating and tending relationships, internally and externally
6. Outreach and communications to sustain relationships and convey the mission and vision
5. A system for evaluating impact and re-evaluating strategy so you continue to evolve
7. Strong information management and systems for capturing institutional memory

The funding will follow if you have all that!