We have been asked at Social Edge for recommended reading for the aspiring and practicing social entrepreneurs.  So besides our extremely useful blogs on Social Edge, Skoll Foundation CEO Sally Osberg’s article on Social Entrepreneurship: The Case for Definition, and Bill Drayton’s Everyone a Changemaker article, here, in no particular order, are our top 10 books on social entrepreneurship followed by our top 10 related books that can help social entrepreneurs succeed:

top 10 social entrepreneurship books…

by Leslie Crutchfield, Heather McLeod Grant

  • Be Bold by Cheryl L. Dorsey and Lara Galinsky
10 helpful books for social entrepreneurs…


For more social entrepreneur related suggestions including films like those produced by Participant Productions, you can visit our Social Edge holiday gift guides from 2007 and 2008.

You may also enjoy Ode Magazine and Fast Company Magazine – both have featured social entrepreneurs, with the latter having an annual special edition

And if your sponge-like interest in absorbing all information social entrepreneurial in nature extends to academia, most of the schools offering social entrepreneurship courses make their case studies and curriculum materials open source. Check out: University Network, Caseplace.org, Harvard Business School for educators, ECCH the european clearing house for case studies, and every school has its own portal, e.g.  www.iesep.com.

Enjoy and feel free to comment here with other recommended reading material!