As we shall see, these four components do not drift aimlessly through what Dees accurately described in 2008 as the ecosystem of social entrepreneurship. Rather, they come together on occasion to create a strategy for change.

Some strategies emphasize the entrepreneur’s dispositions and traits, while others focus on the context created by organization, and still others emphasis ideas and opportunities as central ingredients that are shaped and noticed by entrepreneurs and organizations.   

As we shall also see, the key to success may be in assembling the four components together to take advantage of a specific opportunity, develop a particular idea, use an entrepreneur’s special skills, or focus energy within an organization.

As such, creating social entrepreneurship may be very much like solving a jigsaw puzzle. Some will start at the corners, others at the center, and still others with a color. But it is unlikely that the puzzle can be solved without some combination of all approaches, especially as the number of pieces increase.