josephine nzeremJosephine Nzerem noticed that most women don’t know much about the couple’s property and bank accounts, as most assets are in the husband’s name. "When only your brother-in-law knows who owns what and where the papers are, you don’t even know what you have been disinherited from," she tells Global X as she holds her daughter playing with her mobile phone.

Her organization teaches couples to write a will to protect widows and their children, and provides pro-bono access to lawyers as in the case of a woman whose husband recently died of AIDS. "She had paid for the hospital bills, not the family. She had five children. And her in-laws came to take the apartment where the couple had lived for 30 years. It was her only home!"

Josephine Nzerem, who became an Ashoka Fellow in 2002, strongly believe in passion as a tool to succeed. "There will be challenges, difficulties, and people trying to discourage you," she tells Global X. "But look into the heart, keep the passion alive and you can surmount any mountains. If you don’t have the passion, you have lost the walk. Keep the passion alive!"