The last few days felt exactly like the end of June 2007 when it all started in d.light’s first office in Mountain View, CA.  Fast forward  1 year to India – and I had 4 people in our new office in Noida, UP, India on Monday, 5 people on Tuesday, 6 on Thursday, and 7 on Friday.  The 8th came on Monday and we hiring in another today.  Meanwhile – its absolute mayham with all hands on board.  Containers of products are arriving in the ports, we are getting distributor requests almost on an hourly basis from all over the world, the media is abuzz, web companies, designers, media, distributors and customers are calling into the new office, and meanwhile we are cranking out fliers, posters, finalizing pricing on new products, and reaching out to our corporate and institutional partners. 

I got home the other day to speak with Ned and I could barely breathe, the whole day I would literally start an email, get through one paragraph before taking a call, which led to 2 emails half started, then a group meeting, then a distributor would arrive in the office, then some vendors.. and when I stopped to look around I noticed that literally everybody in the entire office, was embroiled in a similar level  of extreme multi-tasking.  We are literally co-creating a sub-culture within d.light for India and I’m am soo excited with the awesome awesome caliber of people we’ve got.  Its taken months – but we’ve built a great team – d.light quality.

To put this in perspective, I have worked with a lot of teams before, but I have never worked with a group of people who were complete strangers several days earlier, and who come from different industries, speak different languages, and yet are able, without any orientations or prompting, to create magic and jam so fast and so well.  Here’s to India – here’s to Team-India – and lets go sell some lights!