With the Clinton Global Initiative and his new book Giving, President Clinton is working to help trigger a new culture of giving.  He is using a positive example to incentivize people, worldwide.

Imagine an era of giving instead of an era of taking.  This is so much the opposite of recent times, which have been a time of greed and accumulation.

Imagine an era of people looking out for each other instead of a culture where we are all on our own, in it just for ourselves, for what we can get, with a dog-eat-dog attitude.  We see that all around us and it certainly has been pushed from the top. 

Imagine an era of people doing good for other people.  This is what the Clinton Global Initiative is about.

Think about what it means to be a 21st century citizen in a time when reality catches up to the excesses we have been living.  Global warming, debt, war, division… Fixing the world begins with believing that individuals will make a difference.  As President Clinton said at the closing of CGI, he is trying to move people from opinion to conviction – from saying I Wish to saying I Will.