I am in a press room, with four large screens and an earphone setup that allows me to listen to the audio from any of the screens.  The screens show what is happening in the four working session track rooms.  I just looked up at the "Energy and Climate Change" screen and Brad Pitt is talking about New Orleans and the problems of the ninth ward.  Yikes!  No wonder there are SO MANY press here — maybe triple last year’s press attendance.

Or maybe it is because President Clinton has a new book out, and these are all reviewers.

Remember, you can watch live, and you can watch later when they put each video on the website.  I found an alternative source for webcast info here.

Brad Pitt announced he and Steve Bing will match, dollar for dollar, the first $10 million of commitments to help the ninth ward.  They will build a new 150-home community.  This will be "a green, affordable, sustainable and replicable community to serve as a model for further rebuilding."   They will use sustainable construction practices and involve the local community.