I have been spending some time here with a few of the people here from Human Rights First.  HRF works to help Human Rights Defenders, to protect refugees, to reduce violent hate crimes, and to ensure that tyrants and dictators are prosecuted for human rights crimes they commit.

Human Rights First is a nonprofit, nonpartisan international human rights organization founded in 1978 to defend and promote the dignity of every individual through the rule of law. The group is based in New York and has an active Washington D.C. office.

HRF works on a host of domestic and international rights, largely from a legal perspective but with growing emphasis on mobilizing an online constituency and outreach to the news media and other opinion leaders.

It coordinates millions of dollars of pro bono legal work each year on behalf of indigent asylum seekers. Human Rights First also works on international refugee policy, genocide intervention, and protecting human rights workers abroad. Human Rights First has issued numerous reports on human rights issues and has contributed amicus curiae briefs in support of foreign nationals held by the United States without charges.

You can help them out with their efforts at this page.