Roberto Garreton of Chile spoke about addressing impunity in restoring democracy. 

Atrocities occur when leaders act with impunity.  Violence and lying always happen together, so restoring democracy requires establishing the truth.  For legitimacy a democracy must have truth.

Four dimensions of addressing impunity, to rebuild democracy.

First, there is the legal dimension of impunity — lack of punishment.  Those responsible for crimes must be punished.

Then the ideological, political and sometimes moral foundations of thempunity must be addressed — the enablers, those complicit, who came up with the justifications must also be sanctioned.  The first function of a truth commission should be to punish those responsible, then addressing the enablers.

Third the moral impunity must be addressed. Human rights violations are always explained as happening for a good reason. The state has to be protected from … whatever it is.  It was done to save the country from …  Truth is required.

Finally there is the historical dimension of addressing impunity.  It must be remembered what happened.  Never allow the public to forget what happened.

These are important elements for reconstruction of democracy.

I have located more on the web by Roberto Garreton on the subject of addressing impunity for those who are interested.