At the end of the first afternoon session former President Carter spoke off the cuff about the Palestinian situation.  He was emotional, and it was powerful.  I couldn’t type fast enough to catch all of it and will try to find a transcript later.  People were emotional when he finished, Rosalynn was crying.  He described how people there have to live, how bad the situation is.  He mentioned Yitzhak Rabin, assassinated for signing the Oslo Accords.

He said a big part of the source of the problem is here in the US, in the Congress. No one can be reelected to the congress if they say any of the things that have been said here today

He said he doesn’t see any chance that the UN is going to change, or that the high commission is going to be able to do anything for the Palestinians.

He said he is part of a small group of elders that is not constrained, including Koffi Annan, who will maybe be able to open up some discussion.  “You see how distressed I am.  The people living there are infinitely more distressed than I am.  I don’t know what I would do if I was living under those circumstances, if I saw my wife and children starving to death…

… My hope is that the world will see.  … The EU hasn’t spoken out.  Russia has spoken out a little bit.  … The US is completely in bed with the Israelis  … Under the present circumstances I don’t see any possibility of change."