Yesterday, Global X was attending Mobile 2.0, a conference that brought together experts and thought leaders from all aspects of mobile application development and web technologies.

He had a chance to reflect on the Next Phase of the Internet, one where computers (as we know them) are not the main link to the Web but mobile devices that one carries into one’s pocket, purse or backpack. Two billion mobile phones are currently in use, most of them in industrialized countries and in the most developed areas of China. However, the next billion will be sold in developing countries, where the infrastructure doesn’t allow for reliable Internet connection. This is how the next billion human beings will discover the Internet –on a mobile device.

Global X is already convinced of that, he who already spends most of his non-sleeping hours attached to his Tréo (luckily, his wife has not yet discovered that he hides his electronic device under his pillow).

At Mobile 2.0, Global X met with Tony Fish, author of Mobile Web 2.0. His 21st century mantra: “Attention is Queen, and Metadata is King.” Which tells you the level of the conversation at the Mobile 2.0 conference –hermetic and far-reaching.

He also heard about the Mystery of the Cross-Eyed ShoZu Chihuahua. A poor fellow, a self-professed design geek from Berkeley, lost his fancy Nokia 6682 mobile phone on a train between San Francisco and San Jose. The person who found it (and who didn’t return it despite the owner’s frequent vocal and SMS pleas) started taking pictures, not realizing that this phone was equipped with ShoZu, a cool application that automatically uploads all pictures to a Flickr account. That’s how the whole world discovered “pictures of the family of the person” who stole a cell phone, including a picture of a cross-eyed Chihuahua.

A similar adventure happened to a fellow who stole a Sidekick, another model of smartphone. His friends and relatives can be seen by the whole world.

Is there a lesson for social entrepreneurs (besides being careful with their mobile phones)? Yes. They should give away these devices so that all citizens can report on the world’s misdeeds.

Global X also keeps a wireless mobile photo blog.