I’m writing from a Kampala internet cafe. It get’s dark around 7 PM and the only lights are from those businesses with generators. Creates a noisy and rather eary feel to the city. It’s a great, bustling place.

I’ve been taking pictures all day from my phone and sending them to myself from MMS. Most of these are from our Kampala partner — "Life in Africa"– which is run by Christina Jordan. They are a cooperative of mostly women who make all the loan decisions as a community. They also create crafts from recycled material (bracelets, baskets and such). The day ended with a traditional Acholi dance and I got to be the drummer. This made it on the Frontline tape to my potential embarrassment.

I’m now ending my week with Clark and Josia from Frontline World. We had a real fun time travelling around Uganda and stepping into the lives of several business people along the way. Jess left too, so now I’m on my own for a week and will be going to Kenya tomorrow.

Here’s a bunch of cell photos: