I’m 24 hours into my stay in Uganda. Jess is asleep at the "Life in Africa" offices and I’m blogging from an internet Cafe just outside of the Acholi Quarter.

The Acholi Quarter is a settlement of Acholi tribe people — most of whom have been displaced by the LRA war in the north. Supposedly, the war is now ending and people are hoping the peace will hold.

Next to me is Grace Ayaa who runs a peanut butter factory in the settlement. She’s blogging right now on our site about her factory and writing back in forth with Kiva lenders. All of this is being filmed by the "frontline" crew. Its a pretty disruptive scene.

It’s been a great day. I love it here! People are so fun to be around. They are also very free about talking about their problems — of which there are many. It can be overwhelming to listen to the stories and not internalize everything.

Today we visited a film house which will be the first movie cinema posted on Kiva.org …