This morning’s press conference brings back the memories of Bill Clinton’s presidency – a time of competent, caring leadership dedicated to solving problems and improving lives around the world. Bill Clinton is a driving force and an amazing intellect and this conference represents Clintonism, applied.

An hour with Bill Clinton is an hour in an idea and policy whirlwind. Running for the presidency he said he would “focus like a laser beam” on the economy, but he is apparently able to focus like a laser beam on any subject that comes up.

“Salinas Foundation in Mexico could finance a …” “Although I know that they haven’t entirely solved the conflict with the Eritreans, Ethiopia could …” “4 to 1 is a good deal on the ration of ethanol over…” “Deforestation in Haiti is causing erosion of city hillsides while the soil washed into the sea is harming fishing…” “Rwanda economic project to double farm income, the need better seeds, better tools, power sources…” “All those things could bring net reductions in …”

He’s naming obscure geologists in Texas and discussing the level of tar sands… He points out that the cost of aggregating seawater that is used by a particular Saudi process to flush up oil in depleted wells…

All the while the force of his personality encourages the people at this conference – and around the world as he travels – to do more, give more, work harder to solve problems, stay focused on solutions that can be accomplished and remember that you can do so much if you apply yourself and that helping others helps us all.