Now I’m the last one in the office. We need to close the windows after dark in a neighborhood like this. Of course, I’m tired, but there is some cool stuff to write about:

We’ve been tailed by a camera crew for the last week — Frontline PBS reporters, producers, editors and such. If you care, they will be airing a segment on us on Halloween. While your kids are trick or treating, if you have some time, watch Kiva at work.

The most pertinent part of this latest development is an impending trip to Uganda. We are leaving on Sunday and I’ll be gone two weeks. Jess will be home after one week and I’m staying two so I can make a trip to Kenya.

So we will be in Africa soon. This will be my first time in 2 years. Africa, during this time, has been connected to me through a series of late night phone calls, text and photographs on our website. It has all seemed a little surreal. Hopefully I can recapture a little bit of the reality behind it all.