A lot of people have been asking me how Moses is doing after the disturbing post a week ago. I asked him to tell it in his own words.

Hello Matt,
This is some few hints of the recent presidential election in Uganda.
President Yower Museveni was declared the winner with 59.96% and the runner up from the FDC party got 39 percent.
Generally right now the FDC party is going to court for they complaint of mass rigging and intimidation of their voters.
Number of FDC voters were put in jail before the election and some were killed by gunmen who are believed to be the supporters of President Yower Museven.
Before thinking of taking the court action, the FDC big shots wanted the re counting of the ballot pappers but the Goverment has refused to allow the re count to be done.
Two days before the election day, soldiers were deployed all over Uganda even deep in the villages to frustrate the campaigns of the opposition.
Generally, the opposition parties feel that the election wasen’t free and fair.
The elected president will be sworn in as the new elected president of the Republic Of Uganda in May 2006.
This will all happen if the court does not nulify the election results.
For me as a person, Im very safe and I have not been affected in any way both during the time of campaign and even after the election.
I have received the most recent report that all our beneficiaries of Kiva were not affected in any way. Im rejoicing together with my family.
Im now working very hard for Kiva because we want to catch up with the time that was wasted during the fear of the campaign violence.
I want to thank all of you who prayed for us and all the people of Uganda.
Matt, this is the brief content that I can give you concerning our presidential election.
Every blessings,