Two weeks ago I got this message from Moses:

Hello Matt,
This is to inform you that our work is not going to be possible for very long time because of luck of electric power.
The Goverment has announced that due to the low water level in the lake, the power generation has gone very low. For this reason power will be switched off at 6am to 7pm every day.
This has now made all offices to buy their own generators.
For Kiva office, we are in dilema.

For this, we were able to raise money so that the Kiva Uganda office could have power. I hadn’t heard back in a while. Today I received this:

Hi Matt,
This is to inform you that we have not bought the generator yet because of the total confusion here in Uganda due to the forth coming presidential elections.
There is rampant killings during the campaigns and threteaning violence.
This has caused almost all the business communities to run across to Kenya to wait for us to go through the elections.
Most of all the shops are closed and the prices of commodities have been hiked very much.
We are voting on Thursday this week. We hope to buy the generator after the elections.

Certainly, it is difficult to do business in Uganda right now.